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Kwabena Kwabena Justifies Why He Doesn’t Go To Church In Fresh Interview

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Ghanaian legendary highlife musician Kwabena Kwabena has justified the reasons why he doesn’t go to church anymore. He thinks that some gospel musicians are willing to treat God’s house poorly for the sake of financial gain.

The highlife artiste believes It’s logical, considering the importance placed on material possessions in the modern world, that people put their attention on building bank accounts, so they do all sorts of things, which is why they are losing their craft.

“Money is just a byproduct of creativity. In today’s world, because of material things, it’s important that we kind of focus on money, but I can say confidently that if we focus so much on money, that’s why we are losing the craft. Recently, I saw something that gospel musicians have started doing, and it saddens me. It’s very sad… Because I write gospel music and I know what gospel music is supposed to do, I became very sad that gospel musicians have actually started touring on worldly things.” he said

Speaking with Halifax on the Best Entertainment news show on Okay FM monitored by Tru News Resport, he outlined the reasons why he stopped attending church.

“Two weeks ago I chanced on two gentlemen, one of whom I really like his music, and they seemed to be almost fighting. Then we discovered that one was about to do some launching, so they wanted some hype, and that is how the whole thing turned out to be. And then recently, the other party too had to do something, so I saw an advertisement of a lady shaking her buttocks to invite people to the house of God by a gospel musician. I have a problem with how we are treating the kingdom of God.”

According to Kwabena Kwabena, there is a time for everything, as stated clearly in the Bible. He said it’s not that shaking buttocks in public is immoral, but there are proper settings for it, and people should do that at a pub or club.

“The Bible has said clearly that there is time for everything. It is not that the buttocks you are shaking is a sin, but there are places where buttocks can be shaken. Go to clubs and pubs on Saturday and do all sorts of things there. So in ICGC’s church, where pastor Mensah Otabil is, we don’t shake asses there; it’s a no, let someone argue with me… you don’t shake your ass in church.”

He recommended that women avoid wearing skintight clothing to worship, saying that they are welcome to do so anywhere else but not in a house of worship.

“Let me tell you something. Even if you have dresses that tighten your ass, you don’t wear them to church. You have places you can wear those dresses to, but when you are going to the house of God, there should be a purpose why you are going there, and please, we must all start to behave in a certain manner… For me, it’s a shame that, up until now, no pastor has spoken against it. What has the house of God turned into? honestly it has justified why I don’t feel like stepping into any church.” he added

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Source – Tru News Report