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I can’t propose to a woman,I am not romantic at all – Ofori Amponsah on his love life

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Your favourite collection of love songs will definitely have that of Ofori Amponsah and even though he sings about love and largely admired for that, the Highlife crooner says he is not romantic.

According to the Otoolege hitmaker, it is a difficult task for him to even propose to a woman since he dreads the thought of being disappointed.

In a conversation with Graphic Showbiz, Ofori Amponsah who is known for songs such as Hello Hello, Puduo, Alewa, Cinderella, Bonwire, Duakro, Obi Boy, Sardine, Abelle, Lady, Odo Wine among others, said he doesn’t believe in true love because people who quickly profess their love to you are always in the position to hurt you.

“I am very careful around people who show me love. Most people who claim they love you rather hurt you. See the case of the Police Inspector who killed his lover. How can you claim you love someone and then kill the person? If you claim you love someone, the last thing you should think about is to hurt the person.

“In this world, the last thing I expect from a woman is for her to show me love. I fear for my life when a woman starts expressing her feelings for me,” he stated.

Ofori Amponsah started working with Daddy Lumba in 1999. He gained entry into the music industry when he collaborated with Daddy Lumba on the album Wo Ho Kyere. Although he earned a shot in the limelight for this collaboration, his career did not fully launch until 2000.

He released his first album with Owusek Productions in 2001, titled Asew, which had eight tracks, plus a bonus instrumental of the song Asew.

At the recently held Ghana Music Awards held at the Grand Arena of the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC), Ofori Amponsah put up a spectacular performance that has ignited the conversation about his possible comeback.

He told Graphic Showbiz that he has not been active lately because he has been occupied with so many things but he is preparing to comeback.


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