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There has been a lot of mayhem in the economic sector. Mayhem with regard to debt the exchange programme and the harsh realities associated with it.

What is reality? The state of things as they actually exist as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Nobody seems to enjoy the very hurt and pain that goes with life.

Problems seem to make us throw our hands in despair.

Challenges seem so difficult and insurmountable.

Yet, this very phase is very necessary for anyone to achieve something worthwhile.

Whether you cry or not, you will encounter these phases at one point in your life.

In fact, it is ever-present with us.

Right from birth, you went through pain and hurt in learning how to grow.

During the phases of birth through to the adolescent stage, we seem not to even realise these phases because we turn to forget the pain and hurts so fast – it is a norm that seeps through without any notice.

It is so intriguing to notice how the elderly folks turn not to be patient with children in their growing phase. They are quick to reprimand and correct.

Meanwhile, they went through similar phases that were with hurt and pain, and have now mastered all of them.

The truth is, for one to master anything, one has to learn how to endure hurt and pain.

The truth is, for you to progress, you need problems to solve.

The truth is, for change and constant evolution to occur, you need challenges.

So, if these very phases are necessary and very much intertwined with all activities for one to be better, why do we tend to cry, be saddened and throw in the towel when we see them happening instead of getting excited by them?

We should be excited by these phases. They are for our benefit!

In almost all unfortunate circumstances, disguised within it is a fortune as well.

Now I want to ask you a question.

Are you in a myriad of issues that seem to be a hurt and pain?

Are you in a myriad of issues that seem to be problems?

Are you in a myriad of issues that pose a challenge and so difficult to deal with?

For example, you are heavily in debt, you have been heavily hurt in a relationship, your employment has been suddenly terminated, and so on.

The truth is, it is for your own benefit. It doesn’t matter whether you caused it or not! What matters is you and what you decide to glean out of it.

What to do in such circumstances

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Be calm and collected.
  3. Don’t complain.
  4. Don’t talk negatively.
  5. Lastly, don’t cry.

You might say it is easier said than done within yourself as you read this; and yes, you might be right. But in life, it is what is inside you that always comes out first at any least provocation, hence, that is why this is written for you now to learn and develop the right mind-set needed for such eventualities.


  1. Read books related to the circumstances.
  2. Act on what you gleaned out of the book.
  3. It doesn’t matter how small it might look, just start the implementation.

Examples of people who lost their jobs yet turned out to be great are Oprah Winfrey, Jack Ma and so on.

This clearly shows that it is possible for us to win at all these phases and enjoy life; so, please don’t give up!

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