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Herman Suede Delivers a World of Musical Magic in Latest EP ‘A Wonderful Time’

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Ghanaian singer, songwriter, and performer Herman Suede has continuously displayed his versatility and growing maturity with every release. Now he’s releasing his latest project, a 4-track EP titled ‘A Wonderful Time’, to encapsulate the feeling of celebration, freedom, and joy, as the year concludes. 

With this latest project, each song in its own way serves as a call to action to shed the weight of stress and anxiety that has been carried throughout the year to focus on life’s pleasures, whether it be through love, partying, road trips or general self-care and self-prioritization. Each song is designed to create different imagery and transports the listener to unique space and time with every play. 

On this project, Herman is able to deliver a vibrant alté-inspired intro song “Vanilla”, before seamlessly switching to a more traditionally Afrobeats love ballad, “Lose Control” featuring fellow Ghanaian artist, Niashun. Here, they put their own spin on a song about courting a love interest and losing control in the process. Herman then creates a masterful modern rendition of palmwine and highlife music with “Wonderful Time,” the EPs title track featuring UK Artist Benty. He concludes the EP with “Final Destination,” a heavy Amapiano infused club banger which features Herman’s most energetic delivery of the project, indicating that listeners have reached the end-goal of the project which is to party and experience a release of emotion and tension. 



‘A Wonderful Time’ is a testament to Herman’s ingenuity, infusing a multitude of influences from Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, Amapiano, R&B, and Highlife to paint varied pictures with each song. Herman’s lyricism, dexterity and creativity are on full display throughout this project. Each song shows a different side of the multi-faceted Artist, and combined perfectly with each artist featured on the project to truly make the listening experience ‘A Wonderful Time’! 

‘A Wonderful Time’ is available on all major streaming platforms. 

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