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I make Ghc9k a day – Twene Jonas

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US-based social media influencer Twene Jonas has mentioned that he makes over Ghc9k every single day and is not poor as some want people to believe.

In the last few days, a video of him serving as a delivery guy in the United States surfaced on social media and that made some people make mockery of him saying despite all his bragging on social media about being rich he is just a delivery guy.

But in his response, he noted that he is not a delivery guy but rather he had purchased a restaurant and wanted to see how the delivery works which was why he went to do the delivery himself.

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In a new video talking about the viral video, he claimed that on that said day the people he even delivered the parcel to were not Ghanaians but rather foreigners who knew him because of social media.

It was at this point he revealed that he has five (5) channels on Youtube that bring him cash every month.

Twene Jonas claimed he makes roughly GH56m a month and that is the money he used to purchase the restaurant from his calculations a delivery person in the US can make Ghc9k in a day.

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He said: “I have seen the trending video of me delivering food to some people. I have about five channels on YouTube that pay me monthly. Instagram also pays me over GH¢56m a month. I purchased a restaurant around and decided to deliver food myself to survey the market and see how much delivery guys make in a day. From the calculations I have done, a delivery guy in the US can make about GH¢9k a day“. 

All this simply means is that if he truly works as a delivery guy in the United States, then it means he is speaking from experience and he makes that amount of money in a single day.

Well, time will tell if he is indeed a restaurant owner or delivery guy after all there is nothing to hide if you are making money the legit way.

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