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If you are also dreaming of becoming president then you have failed- angry Ghanaians fire Dr. Hassan Ayariga

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Ghanaian politician and the flagbearer of the APC, Dr. Hassan Ayariga has faced the wrath of Ghanaians following his recent interview.

To anyone at sea, EIB Network Boss, Bola Ray interviewed the founder of the APC political party on his most popular “Starr Chat” show.

Speaking during the interview that Ghpage.com monitored, Dr. Hassan Ayaraga labeled people above 50 years who still depended on working for a salary as failed people.

He said, “If you are still going to the office at age 50 to work 8 hours for a salary you have failed”.

These words did not sound pleasant in the ears of Ghanaians, hence, they have heavily descended on the politician.

Ghanaians do not fathom why the renowned politician would spew rubbish on national television when he was supposed to present his aspirations.

A netizen, who lost their cool after seeing the post took to the comment section to write If u are also still dreaming of becoming president of ghana after 6 attempts u have also failed poortoooor?????”.

Meanwhile, other netizens think what the politicians said is very right as they took to the comment section to praise him for speaking the hard truth.

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