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‘I’ve been getting death threats’ – Lady in Omah Lay’s viral video addresses controversy

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Jessani, the lady in Omah Lay’s viral video

Jessani, the lady seen in the viral video intimately dancing on stage with Nigerian artiste Omah lay has reacted to the controversy on social media.

In the viral video, the musician was engaging in an intimate dance moves on stage with Jessani who happens to be the girlfriend of a fan at the concert.

This happened at the singer’s UK concert on Tuesday, February 20 when Omah Lay invited the lady to the stage.

In a TikTok live session, Jessani said since her dance with Omah Lay on stage she’s had insults hurled against her and death threats from netizens.

Omah Lay causes controversy on social media after intimate dance with a fan’s girlfriend on stage

Jessani publicly apologised to her boyfriend stressing that she did not expect this outcome after her dance with Omah Lay.

“The amount of hate I am getting, insults and death threats and a whole lot of things I have not heard before and they keep coming.

“I want to publicly apologise to him although we have spoke privately. If I knew it would get this far, I wouldn’t even have gone to the concert because this is not right, the hate I’m receiving,” Jessani said during her live session.

Jessani clarified she is not Fafa as is been rumoured adding that prior to the dance on stage, she and her boyfriend had already agreed for her to go on stage if Omah Lay calls her up on stage.

According to her, she was carried away by the moment her favourite artiste called her up on stage and her boyfriend never disagreed to that.

“Also, me and him we have had private conversations about going on stage with Omah Lay because he [Omah Lay] does this at his shows at his past concerts. We use to have conversation and I tell him if I was to get called on stage, I will go on stage and he said that’s fine. Me and him never had an issue with me going on stage,” she added.

She also clarified that she personally bought the ticket to the concert and not her boyfriend.

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