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Jameella Jè releases a soothing and danceable new single ‘Ping Me For Location’

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In anticipation of her much-awaited EP, Jameella Jè has released a new groovy single ‘Ping Me For Location’.

The New York born Ghanaian singer, sings about how the chips have fallen in the right places for her in her music career, her ability to focus on her craft in the midst of distractions, and the fact that she is living on her own terms.

A smooth-sounding song, ‘Ping Me For Location’ combines several melodies with Jameella’s fluid and intoxicating vocals. Her unique and powerful vocal ability makes ‘Ping Me For Location’ a distinct record. The combination also makes the calm tune surprisingly danceable. The beautifully crafted song showcases Jameella’s vibe as a free spirited but also a determined artiste.

Released in May 2023, the single promises to be a remarkable exhibition of Jameella’s exceptional prowess as a songstress.

As someone who discovered her passion for music at a very tender age, it is evident why Jameellais striving to maintain her own style.

Jameella has come a long way from the days when she consistently released freestyle singles, which propelled her onto billboards in Times Square, New York.

After a much-needed break from music, Jameella Jereturned by releasing a single, ‘Come Thruu’, with Kwesi Arthur and Kay So in 2022. She expertly complemented the tow featured guest artistes with her strong vocals and outstanding lyrics.

‘Ping Me For Location’ is as amazing as ‘Come Thruu’; they share similar vibes and you will enjoy listening to it.
Jameella Jè is set to drop her new EP titled ‘GUDA’ which promises to be mind-blowing.Her relentless pursuit of her passion shows she is ready for the big stage.

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