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Nana Ama McBrown explains why her ‘McBrowns Kitchen’ show is not airing on UTV

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TV personality, Nana Ama Mcbrown has finally cleared the air on the situation surrounding her popular cooking show, “McBrowns Kitchen.”

Mcbrown made her big media move to Onua TV and Radio, members of the 3 Group under Media General netwrok in March after her exit from United Television months prior.

However,  her show, “McBrowns Kitchen”which has been a staple on UTV, for several years continued to air on their channel but fans noticed that it was not aired on Sunday, April 23, sparking rumours and speculation.

Nana Ama McBrown addressed the situation when she appeared on TV3 New Day on Friday morning, stating that she had other plans for the show even as the owners of Despite Media have pulled the plug on the show.

“You know I used to work with UTV before my United Showbiz there, it’s my production. [Berla] I want to move forward She went on to explain that the show was arguably the biggest in Ghana and she was not pertubed by the ongoing brouhaha.

“Mcbrown’s Kitchen has the life. When it comes to cooking shows in Ghana and it’s not dying. I am at a place that I’ve been welcome. Why do I have to cry if my show is not shown?” she quizzed

Responding to host, Berla Mundi if she was going to bring the show to the Media General Network, the award-winning actress said she wanted to do right by all parties hence she was doing due diligence.

“I want to do the right thing. I pay for my show at UTV. It’s not free. They consider me too sometimes when I’m not well they do some repetitions for me that’s the bond you have people you work with but automatically there’s a contract where I pay,” she revealed

She also went thank the UTV family for their support but reiterated that she was building her brand separately from her personal life hence she was keen on differentiating the two.


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