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She Doesn’t Look Nice Without Makeup Kuraa – Peeps React To Shugatiti’s Natural Looks

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Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Shugatiti has faced some backlash after she decided to share a video of her natural face without make up. Some people in the comment stated that Shugatiti didn’t look good without makeup on.

Shugatiti recently opened up about her relationship with Zionfelix. According to her, even though Zionfelix sees her as a younger sister, if given the opportunity, he would sleep with her.

Speaking to Fiifi Pratt in an interview On Kingdom FM, Shugatiti disclosed that Zionfelix was among the celebs who wanted to sleep with her.

But to not make their relationship awkward, she decided to “brotherzone” him so that they treated each other as siblings rather than lovers.

Shugatiti also added that so-called Christians who fornicate can be labelled as prostitutes. She argued that women who engage in sexual relationships with multiple men outside of marriage could be considered prostitutes because they are unmarried to these men.

People call me a prostitute, but in my opinion, if a woman is involved with multiple men without being married, she fits the definition of a prostitute. That’s how I see it. Personally, I have only dated one Nigerian,” Shugatiti asserted.

See her video below;



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