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The 5 Best Afrobeat/Afropop Albums Of March 2024

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In March 2024, the music space was dazzling with a diverse range of sounds and styles, thanks to some of the industry’s most stunning music acts. From captivating beats to soul-stirring lyricism, the top five albums of the month represented a diverse range of originality and ingenuity. DC Leakers chose albums for this month from renowned musicians like Smallgod, Kizz Daniel, OliveTheboy, and more. Join us as we explore the musical gems that made the greatest noise in March 2024, with each tune telling a tale and each beat sparking the imagination.

Smallgod – Bridging The Gap

On his third LP ‘Bridging The Gap,’ Ghanaian entrepreneur turned artist Smallgod carries forward the same ethos he brought to its aptly named predecessors—2021’s Building Bridges and 2022’s Connecting the Dots—a drive towards bringing Africa to the world, and uniting the continent’s talents and sounds. “I wanted to take the whole of Africa—sounds from South Africa, sounds from West Africa, sounds from East Africa, sounds from Central Africa—and put them [together with] Latin and Caribbean artists,” he tells Apple Music. From the hypnotic Afrobeats of “Want Me” (fleshed out by Kelvyn Boy, Jamaica’s Projexx and American singer Traetwothree), to the drill-highlife blend of “Kusuu” that unites Ghana’s Kweku Flick, Nigeria’s ODUMODUBLVCK and British rapper Abra Cadabra, Bridging the Gap explores our collective common ground in sound and spirit. The Black Sherif-assisted “Fallen Angel” speaks to the beauty of lifelong friendship, while the Lojay collab “Automatic” hints at the blurred lines between love and lust. No matter where the sound takes him, though, Smallgod never forgets to celebrate home, as “Treasure Island” attests—a lush, amapiano-infused album closer that evokes the warmth of Ghana, with help from Joey B and British soul singer Monique Lawz.

Olivetheboy – Avana EP (Deluxe)

Ghanaian singing sensation Olivetheboy has marked his musical debut for the year with the release of the deluxe version of his widely praised EP, ‘Avana.’ The original EP, which garnered acclaim for its global hit record ‘Goodsin,’ now receives a refreshing update with the addition of two new tracks: ‘Asylum’ and ‘Home Alone.’

The ‘Avana EP,’ initially boasting four soulful tracks, has captivated audiences with its unique sound. Now, Olivetheboy enriches the musical experience with the deluxe edition, introducing listeners to the magic of ‘Asylum’ and ‘Home Alone.’

Kizz Daniel – TZA

Four tracks make up the much awaited “TZA” EP, which has finally been released by Nigerian singer-songwriter Kizz Daniel.

Kizz Daniel has developed into a prolific hitmaker, releasing numerous hits that have dominated the radio for years. Kizz Daniel has a proven track record of delivering hits, and his most recent release, the TZA EP, is proof of that.

Arriving with a track count of four, TZA brings much-needed excitement to a scene that has been lacking in hits lately. Kizz Daniel doesn’t stop there, even if two of the songs—the catchy Twe Twe and the lighthearted Too Busy To Be Bae—have already become fan favorites. He also includes two brand-new songs, Sooner and Showa, both of which seem ready to enter the ranks of his hits.

Kizz Daniel is clearly not here to play around. He is here to deliver, and he has treated his fans to a feast with TZA. It’s an opportunity to let free, have fun, and enjoy the happiness that only Kizz Daniel’s music can bring. So turn up the music, press play, and enjoy yourself.

JAE5 & Lojay – Loveless EP

British-Ghanaian beatsmith JAE5 has released something intriguing for the music business. It doesn’t appear like JAE5 will be taking a sabbatical anytime soon, especially with the release of the chart-topping Tony Montana with Skepta and Portable song. This time, he collaborated on the Loveless EP with Nigerian singer-songwriter Lojay, and the two of them created a masterpiece.

The four songs on the brand-new EP Loveless, an investigation of musical synergy, feature mesmerizing vocals by Lojay, courtesy of JAE5’s masterful production. Known for his own style, Lojay adds his magic touch to every song, but he goes above and beyond. A few talented artists make cameo appearances on the Loveless EP to further enhance the taste profile.

To put it mildly, there is no denying the chemistry between JAE5 and Lojay, and the project is improved by the inclusion of Sha Sha, Tyler ICU, and Libianca. Every guest adds a unique energy to the mix, making each song sound thrilling and new.

Loveless is a breath of new air in a music scene that is frequently oversaturated with identical sounds, particularly in recent years. Expectations have been exceeded by JAE5 and Lojay, who have produced an amazing, varied, and unified EP. This is a creation that must be heard, tasted, and thoroughly enjoyed repeatedly. Now put on your headphones, turn up the music, and get ready to have the Loveless EP’s amazing sound quality carry you away.

TYLA – Tyla

Though the megaviral 2023 single “Water” may have put the South African singer-songwriter on the proverbial map—first as a social media sensation, then as the highest-charting African female soloist ever on Billboard’s Hot 100, earning her the inaugural Grammy Award for Best African Music Performance—she’s been carefully plotting her path to the top for years. “Since I started experimenting with amapiano, I just feel like it’s really helped me get to this point where I created something that is fresh and new, but still familiar and comes from home,” she says. “It’s a sound of Africa, and it’s something that I couldn’t be more proud about.”

She weaves through a blend of pop, R&B, amapiano and Afrobeats (“pop-piano sounds cute,” she admits) across TYLA, a coming-of-age chronicle through love, heartbreak and self-discovery. “I’m speaking about the things that I’ve gone through while creating the album—basically three years in the making,” she explains. “I was becoming a woman. So it was a lot of growing that happened, and me realising my worth, and realising how I want to be treated—and how basically, I’m that girl, and people need to know I’m that girl.”

While the project was brought to life with the help of global producers including Sammy Soso, Mocha, Believve, Rayo and Sir Nolan, Tyla made sure they all had a taste of her homeland. “[It was important] to bring some to South Africa,” she explains, “so when we get in the studio, they have context. Some people that try amapiano sound so watered down, it’s cringey. So even though I am mixing it with pop and R&B, I didn’t want it to sound watered down. Music is our everything in Africa. The way we speak, the way we dance, literally, our dance moves—they come so naturally. It’s just in us. It’s our essence.”

The album ‘TYLA’ is a 14 track-list body of work with star-studded collaborations with Gunna, Travis Scott, Becky G, Skillibeng and Kelvin Momo.

Korede Bello – Koreday

Korede Bello has delivered on his promise, releasing a full-length album called Koreday, just weeks after delighting our ears with the exciting Minding My Business alongside industry great Don Jazzy.

Here’s the twist: “Koreday” isn’t just any average album title; it’s a personal one. It’s a quirky take on Korede’s first name that pays homage to his artistic character. But the surprises do not end there. Koreday, unlike his previous albums, is a lengthy work with 26 tracks and interludes interspersed throughout.

Korede Bello has poured his heart and soul into Koreday, which has 25 solo tracks and one spectacular collaboration. The anticipation is great, and one thing is certain: his admirers are excited to hear what the gifted singer-songwriter has in store. Connect your speakers and enjoy what Korede Bello has created. It’s a completely new Korede (Koreday) like never before.

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