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[VIDEO] Agya Koo celebrates like Cristiano Ronaldo after scoring penalty

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Popular actor, Agya koo has ignited has social media going crazy after being seen performing the famous “siiuu” celebration made popular by football legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

Agya Koo played as a forward during a friendly football match between entertainers and bloggers in Kumasi.

After being awarded a penalty, Agya Koo stepped up to the spot and calmly slotted the ball into the net before running towards the crowd and performing Ronaldo’s signature ‘siiuuu’ celebration.

The crowd erupted into cheers and applause as Agya Koo imitated the famous Portuguese footballer’s move, which involved jumping into the air, spinning 180 degrees and landing with arms outstretched while shouting, “siiuuu!”

Videos of the funny moment quickly went viral on social media, with Ghanaian fans of Agya Koo and Ronaldo expressing excitement and admiration for the actor’s impressive recreation of the iconic celebration.





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