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Afia Schwar slams Yvonne Nelson for writing a book to disrespect her mother

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Afia Schwarzenegger has joined the bandwagon of people criticising Yvonne Nelson for publishing a book that seemingly exposes her secrets and disrespects her mother.

The comedienne described as shameful and childish the actress’ move to wash her dirty linens in public with the publication of her memoir, I am not Yvonne Nelson.

The launch of Yvonne’s book has been met with a plethora of diverse views from her fans and followers, especially because of some key events that happened in her life while growing up.

Highlighting the fact that to date she doesn’t know her real father, Yvonne’s mother’s chastity has been questioned, with netizens wondering if she slept around with men to have sparked these consequences.

Consequently, Yvonne’s mother has had her own fair share of criticism from netizens all over social media.

However, after analyzing the events, Afia Schwar believes it is totally unfair for Yvonne to project her mother in such a bad light.

According to her, Yvonne has ‘fed her mother to the dogs’ and that, there is no justification whatsoever to have treated the woman who birthed her in such a manner.

She said issues of this sort are best solved at home, away from the public.

“Writing a book to wash your dirty linen in public is NOT boldness but childishness at the highest degree (done that and outgrown it). Who in his or her right thinking mind will write a book to disrespect her mother….”If I don’t know the real father of my children,if any of my children have to do a DNA to ascertain their paternity, then I the promiscuous mother should be ashamed of myself literally an Ashawo is even better. Couldn’t you have done that in private, with your family, or probably a pastor/ counsellor??” she wrote on Instagram.

She added, Yvonne should brace herself for some future actions posterity will take against her, adding that, this particular act of hers will prompt dire consequences someday.

“And we have grown IDIOTS who will gather at the comment section to defend this shameful act…those applauding you today will remind your daughter who her grandmother is. Beware of the things you do when you have a daughter.. I pray for you for strength the day your daughter will question you about your book. After publicly scolding a man who ended up NOT being your real dad, calling a family member out shouldn’t be your option. Would you have done the same if your Dad was Atta Ayi in Prison and NOT the former speaker??? Just asking. Children Obey thy parents is a commandment from God…So respect your mother no matter the situation cos you yourself have had your fair share of bad relationships…” she added.

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