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All you know is to host lavish parties – Afia Schwarzenegger takes on Kwame Despite

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TV and Radio personality Afia Schwarzenegger is still not taking things lightly on some Ghanaians for failing to offer support to the Akosombo Dam Spillage victims in some parts of the Volta, Eastern and Northern Region.

In a new attack, she has taken her fight to the doorstep of the CEO of Despite Group of Companies Osei Kwame Despite and the members of the East Legon Executive Club.

According to her, these people only know how to host lavish parties and spend money on small girls but they are quiet on a national issue like the dam spillage.

She added that all they know to do is to attend funerals and pour water on each other when it’s their birthday but now that there is a pressing issue which needs to be addressed and the victims receiving help, they are nowhere to be found.

Watch the video below:

A significant humanitarian effort has been made to gather money and other essentials to be given to the people living in those areas.

Furthermore, although a small number of wealthy Ghanaians, such as Ibrahim Mahama, have donated, the majority of the country’s wealthiest have mostly chosen to ignore the situation.

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