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DWP dancer quits dancing due to her religious beliefs

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DWP dancer Naqiyah Yusif has announced that she quit dancing because of her Islamic beliefs.

The young Ghanaian dancer, who rose to fame for her unusual routines, disclosed in a video that her choice was motivated by her adherence to Islam.

Naqiyah shared in the video how much she missed dancing, an art that had been a big part of her life, and how much she missed her dancing days with the DWP members.

But even in the middle of her nostalgia, Naqiyah said that her faith and the pursuit of Jannah, the Islamic concept of paradise, stood as a greater goal.

Many people responded to the announcement, especially those in the Ghanaian community.

A lot of people expressed their sorrow over Naqiyah’s exit from the dance world, recognizing the gap her absence would create in the Ghanaian dance scene.

The Muslim community, however, also praised the dancer and offered support, highlighting her dedication to her faith.

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