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Angry Hearts fans confront coach Ouattara after fourth defeat in five games

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By Gertrude Tandoh 

Hearts of Oak coach Abubakar Ouattara found himself in a heated confrontation with a group of disgruntled fans following his team’s fourth defeat in five games in the Ghana Premier League.

The Phobians suffered a disappointing 2-0 loss to Legon Cities, with Albert Yeboah scoring two second-half goals to secure the win for the opposition.

The fans were quick to express their frustration with the team’s performance, questioning Ouattara’s selections and highlighting individual player errors, particularly Winimi Apatasi’s recent mistakes.

In response to the backlash, Ouattara pleaded for patience and support from the fans, emphasising the limited resources he has at his disposal and the need to work with the current squad.

Adding to the team’s woes, Ouattara revealed that they faced challenges with electricity and water at their hotel the night before the match, further complicating their preparations. Despite these setbacks, Hearts of Oak are set to face Accra Lions at home in their next league fixture at the Accra Sports Stadium on Friday, April 26, 2024.

Following the match against Legon Cities, a group of fans remained behind to voice their disappointment directly to Ouattara. The Ivorian coach made an effort to engage with the supporters, listening to their concerns and attempting to offer explanations for the team’s poor form. While tensions were high, the interaction between the fans and Ouattara did not escalate further, with both sides passionately expressing their thoughts and opinions on the team’s performance.

As Hearts of Oak continue to navigate a challenging period in the league, all eyes will be on Ouattara and his players as they seek to turn their fortunes around and regain the support and confidence of their loyal fan base.

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