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Celine Dion Poses Braless in ‘Vogue France’ Photo Shoot – Hollywood Life

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Celine Dion on the cover of Vogue France

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Image Credit: Cass Bird/Vogue France

Celine Dion‘s latest Vogue France photo shoot is nothing short of empowering. The 56-year-old ballad maker posed in multiple looks for the magazine’s latest issue, and the Grammy winner even went completely braless — and slightly bare chested — for one image.

In the black-and-white snapshot, Celine wore a white overused button-down top, which was partly open. To cover her exposed breast, she placed her hand over her chest and also wore a pair of mini white shorts. In another cover shot, Celine posed in a puffy pink strapless dress.

Celine Dion on the cover of Vogue France
Cass Bird/Vogue France

Other outfits featured one oversized brown trench coat draped over a coordinating, belted form-fitting dress. In another image, the musician posed on the ground in a unique white frock.

As the style icon that she is, Celine explained to the magazine that she finds buying fashion pieces from designers a “form of respect” and described her love for style.

Celine Dion
Cass Bird/Vogue France

“I have always bought everything myself,” she noted. “I didn’t want to borrow. It’s a form of respect. People pay to come and hear me sing, so I pay to buy myself clothes by designers.”

The “My Heart Will Go On” hitmaker continued, “I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I collaborate with the designers, as this would be very pretentious of me. On the other hand, I can say that, all my life, my mother mended my tights, sweaters, coats and mittens, all my little things for winter. I was very lucky, because I had 13 brothers and sisters, and I got everyone’s hand-me-downs.”

Celine Dion on the 2024 cover of Vogue France
Cass Bird/Vogue France

While recalling the early days of her career, Celine also noted, “When I got my first paycheck, my first paid television appearances, I bought clothes for myself and dressed myself. With my first successes, I bought a house for myself and my husband, and for my parents and some family members too. After my first album in English, I was able to buy clothes by designers, and I started to read fashion magazines.”

Celine Dion posing for Vogue France
Cass Bird/Vogue France

As one of the most famous music icons in the business, fame can bring unwanted pressured. However, Celine expressed nothing but graciousness, noting that fame has “made [her] want to never give up on anything.”

“I was born to communicate on stage, with my team, and with my voice, and with my fans. It’s about sharing,” she clarified. “I was [born] to do that. When I found myself on stage for the first time, in Québec, I caught the bug! What has fame taken away from me? Nothing? Because I live every day, and I move forward.”

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