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Common style mistakes men make and how to fix them

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By Dankwa Prince

Ten common style mistakes that men often make and easy solutions to fix them. From shirt sleeves to accessories, here are valuable insights to help men enhance their overall appearance.

1. Shirt Sleeves: An unkempt appearance might result from improperly rolling up shirt sleeves. To give off a cleaner look, roll your sleeves neatly to the elbow in a more polished manner.

2. Dress Shirt Muffin Top: When a dress shirt is not tucked in correctly, it might give the appearance of a muffin top. Using the military tuck method, which involves pulling extra fabric on both sides and neatly tucking it in with a nice belt, is the answer.

3. Indoor Sunglasses and Caps: It’s improper manners to wear sunglasses and caps inside. Since their main purpose is outside, it is preferable to take them outdoors.

4. Wristwatch: A vacant wrist represents a squandered chance for fashion. displaying the visual enhancement that a watch can provide to even a basic T-shirt.

5. Leather Shoes for All Occasions: Leather shoes are adaptable and go well with both jeans and shorts, debunking the stereotype that they are exclusively appropriate for formal settings.

6. Overreliance on Sneakers: Although they’re fantastic, wearing sneakers exclusively can restrict your wardrobe alternatives. Consider wearing a variety of footwear, such as leather loafers, chukka boots, or Chelsea boots.

7. No-Show Socks: Wearing no-show socks is necessary when going barefoot in the sun to prevent blisters, discomfort, and bad odours from perspiring feet.

8. Knowing When to Tuck: It’s important to know when, according to the length of the dress shirt, to tuck it in. Longer shirts can be tucked in, and shorter shirts can be left untucked.

9. Flappy Collars: When sporting elegant dress suits, it’s a pet peeve to have flimsy collars that don’t hold up straight. It is advised to use magnetic collar stays for a refined and tidy appearance.

10. Dressing for the Occasion: How important it is to wear clothes that fit the situation. Always pay attention to the dress code, and try not to be the guy who shows up to formal occasions wearing casual clothes or vice versa.

Finally, a useful manual for men who want to uplift their image and steer clear of typical fashion mistakes. By using these suggestions, you can make any clothing seem better and look put-together for any situation..

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