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“Don’t go fishing for negative news, go have a good time at events”-Kidi cries

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“December is finally here, and the anticipation among Ghanaian music enthusiasts is palpable as they gear up to attend concerts featuring their favorite artists at various venues.

While these events serve as a platform for artists to connect with their fans and commemorate a successful year of music, the overall experience is sometimes marred by delays in performances, venue-related issues, security concerns, and other unforeseen challenges.

Regrettably, these setbacks often overshadow the positive aspects of the concerts, with social media becoming a platform for fans to vent their frustrations and draw unfavorable comparisons. Recognizing this trend, award-winning Ghanaian singer KiDi has taken to his Twitter account to offer a piece of advice to music lovers.

In his message, KiDi encourages fans to approach these concerts with the primary goal of having a great time, rather than actively seeking out negatives. He acknowledges the difficulties of life and emphasizes the importance of focusing on enjoyment during these events.

“As you attend your favorite artists’ concerts this December, go with the mindset to genuinely have a good time. Avoid dwelling on negatives and shortcomings. Life is already challenging, so have fun and relish the experience with your companions at these concerts. And, of course, remember to stay safe. Love,” he tweeted, promoting a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for concert-goers.”

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