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Entrepreneur Prince Tagoe shares insights on leveraging Social Media for success

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By Jeremiah Nutsugah

Entrepreneur and Communication Consultant, Prince Tagoe, has explained the significance of utilising social media platforms for professional growth.

In an interview on GBC’s Market Avenue Show, he stated that for an entrepreneur to sell well on social media, it is proper to get conversant with Facebook and LinkedIn.

“Use a platform like Facebook if you’re not very conversant with other platforms; start with Facebook, start with LinkedIn. If you’re an Entrepreneur, one platform that you should not miss out on at all is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is like a Facebook for professional people,” said Tagoe.

Addressing the challenges for newcomer businesses, Tagoe encouraged individuals to be themselves and not succumb to the pressure prevalent on platforms like LinkedIn.

Prince Tagoe, who is also CEO of Africon International, explained the common trends on social media, especially on Facebook and LinkedIn, where individuals claim extensive experience, even when they are just starting in a new profession.

“Don’t worry about it, just be yourself. Go on Facebook, go on LinkedIn. Tell yourself that for the next 6 weeks, I’m going to be consistent. I will post religiously 2 to 3 contents, and now, if you do that, the social media platforms, they are just algorithms that operate them,” advised Tagoe.

Prince Tagoe’s insights provide valuable guidance for entrepreneurs looking to establish a meaningful presence and effectively use of social media to commence and navigate their careers.

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