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God punished me after all the bad things I did at Peace FM – Fiifi Banson [Video]

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Celebrated Ghanaian broadcaster Fiifi Banson embarked on an extraordinary journey of faith and self-discovery, guided by a calling he couldn’t ignore.

His life took an unexpected turn when God gave him a profound urge to initiate a ministry dedicated to the well-being of children, aptly named “Prayer for Children Ministry.”

The inspiration for this ministry struck Fiifi Banson during a transformative experience. He vividly recounted a moment when “after all the bad things I have done on radio during my Peace FM days…One day I just woke up and God had written Psalm 1:2:7 verse 3 in a dark place on a wall in my bedroom”

He believed that God was holding him accountable for his past actions and that this ministry was a form of penance.

With unvacillating determination, the celebrated broadcaster embarked on his mission, reaching out to fellow parents and guardians to join him in interceding on behalf of their children.

Speaking at the press launch of legendary Gospel musician Joe Beecham’s ‘Yonder’ concert slated for December 3, 2023, at the Victory Bible Church in Awoshie, Accra, Fiifi Banson indicated that the Prayer for Children Ministry initiative has since become a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless families.

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