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Gyakie shares nostalgic childhood photo receiving award

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Ghanaian songstress Jackline Acheampong popularly known as Gyakie has shared a nostalgic photo from her primary school days at Mizpah International School on Instagram.

The picture was taken when she was in Class 3 at Mizpah. In her Instagram Story, Gyakie reminisced about the day the photo was taken, recalling her excitement at receiving an award in school.

She fondly remembered how her mother eagerly anticipated the event, which she believed was an annual Awards Giving Day at Mizpah School.

Gyakie explained that despite the occasion’s significance, all she could think about was playing with her friends, which is why her expression in the photo was subdued.

In the snapshot, Gyakie’s mother, Mrs Miriam Acheampong, who is the wife of renowned Ghanaian musician Nana Acheampong, could be seen beaming with pride as she held her daughter’s hand to receive the award.

The post sparked a wave of nostalgia among Gyakie’s former classmates, with many reminiscing about the memorable day.

Some even shared anecdotes about their school days with Gyakie, while others couldn’t help but comment on Mrs Acheampong’s unique choice of footwear in the snapshot.

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