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Hajia 4 Real Exposed After Allegedly Dragging Confidence Haugen to Juju to Steal Her Rich Husband

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Hajia 4 Real has been accused of allegedly making dastardly moves to steal the spouse of Confidence Haugen, her friend who helped her out in her time of need.

According to the narration of German-based Ghanaian blogger, othosee, Hajia made her moves after Confidence took her in after she was arrested in the UK.

The blogger claims Hajia was enamoured by the lifestyle Confidence could afford via kind courtsey of her husband and wanted it for herself.

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She’s alleged to have taken the man to ‘juju’ to try and snatch him from Confidence but before her plan could come to fruition she was dragged to the U.S. to face trial.

Hajia 4 Real is currently facing fraud charges in the United States of America due to her role in a romance fraud scheme.

However, it appears even when she was in trouble she was still scheming to hurt her own friend!

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Listen to the narration below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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