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“I Did It cos of Fear”: Actress Biola Bayo exposes lady who faked death

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Actress Biola Bayo has revealed that a guest on her podcast, “Talk to B”, faked her death after sharing a disturbing story of s3xual struggles and addiction.

The guest, identified as Nike, claimed to have engaged in s3xual activities with dogs and later announced her suicide, which Biola shared on social media.

However, Biola’s team investigated the inconsistencies in the story and discovered that Nike was alive.

She wrote: “Press Statement. Miss Adenike Adewodun’s ‘Fake Death’ Antics

“Our attention has been drawn to various reactions that have trailed the death of our guest on ‘Talk to B’, Miss Adenike; quite expectedly, but these are the facts.

“Talk to B is a tell-it podcast created by award-winning actress, Dr Abiola Adebayo to provide a listening ear for those who need someone to talk to, or assist in crowdfunding for those who seek help.

“We’ve done 65 episodes so far, and in the course of that, we’ve offered free therapy and help for many to get back on their feet and crowdfunded for several. (Evidences are on our social media)

“The case of Miss Adenike, while tragic, is a learning curve for us. She sent a message and was asked to come, and we offered to get her therapy and all but she freaked out and in a very devilish and ungodly manner fa, ed her death.

“After the fake death news, we tried to locate her house to properly express our deepest condolences but it was difficult to even pen a condolence letter, and the presenter and producer Abiola Adebayo was both emotionally and mentally disturbed for days.

“In the course of properly mourning her, we noticed some discrepancies in what her so-called ‘sister’ was telling us and what her friend was saying because we felt something was amiss. We dispatched the Director of the show on a fact-finding mission who spoke with the friend before he traced the hospital where she was supposed to have been treated and we were told there and then that she didn’t die”, she said in part.

Speaking further, Abiola said a petition was written to the Nigeria Police Force following their discovery, and Adenike and her friend, who announced her death, were arrested.

Upon interrogation, Adewodun confessed to faking her death due to the backlash she received from the public after the podcast.

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