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I never knew people would be paid differently in the movie industry – Lydia Forson

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Celebrated Ghanaian actress and social activist Lydia Forson has stated strenuously that she never knew people in the movie industry were going to be paid differently.

Ms. Forson expressed her shock with her experience when she first entered the industry. She, however, mentioned that she had immense support from great men in the industry who helped her when it came to paying gaps prevalent in the industry.

“Entering the industry, there was a lot of shock, the sexism, the misogyny with the pay. I never knew that people would be paid differently. Again, I have been privileged because I have always had great men who have supported and made me feel that I matter.

When it comes to payment, I have had male colleagues tell me that “hey, this is how much they are paying me when you are negotiating” so I have had to learn through my journey of being in the industry.”

Lydia Forson is a well known actress, entrepreneur, social critic and activist who has led many conversations on inclusion and equality for women in various fields.

In an interview on Breakfast Daily with Apiokor on the back of International Women’s Day, Lydia Forson explained that growing up, she had great support and inspiration from the men in her family.

According to the her, her boldness and activism were derived from the support she received growing up as the youngest among her brothers.

“I always say that I am privileged, and I own my privilege. I am coming from a home where I have amazing support, you know, the youngest girl. I have brothers, most of my cousins are male.”

The celebrated actress also mentioned how she entered the movie industry from a place of privilege because of how she saw herself growing up with her brothers.

“I really entered the industry from a place of privilege in how I saw myself. I naively believed that women could have it all and there would be the same pay. I never for once saw myself different because, with my brothers, I knew they were men, I knew they were different but I also knew that we were equal. I think that is a word a lot of times people confuse with the fight for equality, they feel like you want to be a man, no I just want to be treated with the same respect.”

Lydia forson shot to fame after starring in the award-winning movie, ‘Perfect Picture’ in 2009. She has also starred in other conventional movies such as ‘A letter from Adam’, SideChick Gang, Phone Swap, Scorned, A Sting in a Tale’ and Borga

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