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Israel-Hamas war: Ambassador says Israel will not accept two-state solution | World News

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Israel’s ambassador to the UK has told Sky News her country would not accept a two-state solution when the war in Gaza ends.

When pressed on the question of Palestinians having their own state, Tzipi Hotovely told Mark Austin: “Absolutely no.”

Asked how there can be peace without a Palestinian state, she added: “Israel knows today, and the world should know now that the Palestinians never wanted to have a state next to Israel.

“They want to have a state from the river to the sea. They are saying it loud and clear.

“It’s now two months after the war started. The Palestinian Authority didn’t condemn this massacre (7 October). It’s such a big problem.”

Israel-Hamas latest: IDF determined despite heavy losses in Gaza

Earlier in the interview, Ms Hotovely was asked about UN demands for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

She replied: “Ceasefire – no. It just basically means we would like to welcome another attack of 7 October. This is the only thing it means.”

And when asked about US President Joe Biden’s suggestion that Israel was bombing Gaza “without care”, she said: “Absolutely not…

“Do you remember any country in the world creating a humanitarian corridor to the enemy?

“I don’t remember you helping Nazi Germany during the war, and I don’t remember America helping the Japanese during the Second World War.”

Israeli soldiers prepare to enter the Gaza Strip (Pic: AP)
Israeli soldiers prepare to enter the Gaza Strip (Pic: AP)

Meanwhile, Palestinian militants carried out one of the deadliest single attacks on Israeli soldiers since the Gaza invasion began.

According to the Israeli Defence Forces, nine of its soldiers were killed in an urban ambush.

The attack in a dense neighbourhood comes after repeated claims by the Israeli military that it had broken Hamas‘s command structure in northern Gaza, encircled remaining pockets of fighters, killed thousands of militants and detained hundreds more.

Israel invaded Gaza after around 1,200 of its citizens were killed by Hamas in attacks launched from Gaza on 7 October.

Hamas also took around 240 hostages. More than 100 have since been released.

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Israel’s air and ground assault has killed more than 18,600 Palestinians since 7 October, according to Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry.

Nearly 1.9 million people have been driven from their homes in the Gaza Strip.

The resulting humanitarian crisis has sparked international outrage.

After originally urging Palestinians to move out of northern Gaza, Israel’s military is now operating in the south of the strip, too.

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Displaced Gazans hit by heavy rain

Displaced people are taking shelter in tented camps.

The United States has repeatedly called on Israel to take greater measures to spare civilians, even as it has blocked international calls for a ceasefire at the United Nations and rushed military aid to its close ally.

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