Home Entertainment I’ve used Kuami Eugene’s look-alike job to ‘chop’ many ladies – Look-alike

I’ve used Kuami Eugene’s look-alike job to ‘chop’ many ladies – Look-alike

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A member of the ‘4 Kings’ look-alike group has shared the beneficial side of his mimicking of Ghanaian musician Kuami Eugene.

Rockstar Junior, whose real name is Stephen, appeared on The Delay Show with his colleagues and the question about his sexual encounter with women after becoming famous popped up.

While expressing his admiration for Kuami Eugene, Rockstar Junior said he had been receiving ‘proposals’ from females and despite clarifying that he is not Kuami Eugene, they are unbothered.

“The ladies have been pestering me,” said Stephen. “They think I’m Kuami Eugene. Even when I tell them I’m not, they refuse to back out. They pester me a lot. Some even buy things like shoes and apparel for me in their bid to win my heart.”

His response compelled Delay to probe further, asking “So, you’ve not even taken advantage of that to sleep with even one of them?”

“Sorry?” he said as he pretended not to have heard the question, making Delay repose the question.

“I’ve not been sleeping with people,” he said but fumbled and burst into laughter, causing hilarity among his peers. “I’ve not been sleeping around; maybe there’s been sexual intercourse. It’s different from promiscuity; I’ve not been sleeping with many people,” he responded.

It looks as though this fake artiste representation by these guys is paying off so well.

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