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“Jesus is boring – Moesha

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Former renowned Ghanaian slay queen and socialite, Moesha Bodoung, has described her new life with Jesus Christ as boring.

According to her, the narrow yet modest life of always praying has no fun and always leaves her reminiscing about her past life.

In a Snapchat update, Moesha hinted that she missed her previous life, where she was at liberty to flirt whenever she wanted and be free to do what pleased her.

“Am in the mood to flirt, who is awake? Jesus is so boring to talk to always prayers and prayers.’

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Moesha Bodoung ditched her slay queen life after having what was believed to be a spiritual encounter. She subsequently took steps to delete her old seductive pictures on social media and rededicated her life to being a devout Chrsitian.

However, every now and then, she helplessly displays her insatiable yearnings for her old life which she regards as freer and more enjoyable.

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