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Keta MP tasks Government to continue Blekusu Sea Defence Project to protect lives and properties

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By Edzorna Francis Mensah 

Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpey, Member of Parliament for Keta has reiterated his appeal to the government for the commencement of work on phase 2 of the Keta sea defence project, believing that it will serve as a permanent solution to the perennial flooding of the coastal communities caused by sea erosion.

According to the lawmaker, several appeals to the central government to commence work on the Blekusu stretch of the sea defence project have proven futile, leaving the people at the mercy of the waves with devastating effects on lives and properties when the sea rises.

His new appeal follows the flooding of households in several communities in his constituency just last week rendering hundreds of people homeless.

The phenomenon in Keta, Anlo, Ketu South, and some parts of South Tongu Constituencies with its negative impacts on livelihoods and fishing business has become a norm in recent times due to the increasing eating up of habitable lands by the sea.

Communities such as Keta Central, Kedzikofe, Agbotsakofe, Dzelukofe, Nugbesekofe, Tetelikofe, and Fuveme among others are currently immersed in water and properties such as roads, roofings of buildings as well as tourist sites including emancipation beach and parts of Aglor Lodge have all been damaged as a result of the disaster.

Speaking with the media during his recent tour to the affected areas, Mr. Gakpey expressed disquiet about the regular kneejerk approach by the government to finding a permanent solution to the problem which kept recurring.

He indicated that “the time has come for the government to act quickly by resuming work on the sea defense project once and for all”.

He said, despite the pledge by the Minister for Works and Housing to parliament following a question he asked on the floor of Parliament about some Ghc 10 million has been allocated for feasibility studies for the project and a follow-up visit by the sector minister to the community, nothing has been done since.

The MP again appealed to benevolent institutions, including corporate bodies and NGOs to come to the aid of the people even as he urged the National Disaster Management Organisation to act as a matter of urgency to brief relief to the residents.

In April 2022, Keta and its neighboring communities especially Agavedzi were hard hit by the erosion destroying several properties including close to 1000 houses and curtailed the economic activities of residents for several days.

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