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Lardowayo community members cry over exposed human parts due to illegal sand-winning

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By Edith Atiaka Eshun

The activities of illegal sand winners in Lardowayo, a farming community in the Shai Osudoku District has led to the destruction of the community’s public cemetery.

Residents say the activities of the illegal sand winners have left them in fear as human parts have been exposed.

With a population of over three thousand, the people of Lardowayo-Berdaikope are predominantly crop and cattle farmers.

Since time immemorial, residents of Lardowayo-Berdaikope have used the earmarked area as their public cemetery without any hindrance, until recently when some individuals began engaging in sand-winning activities.

The current practice has exposed community members to serious health hazards as human skeletons can be found lying on bare ground.

The residents are worried as dogs sometimes pick up some of these skeletons and bring them to their homes.

Residents who live close to the public cemetery, have recently started noticing strange odours emanating from the cemetery with dogs in feeding on the cacas and some even bringing some home.

The stench that emanates from the site is also another cause for concern for the community members.

Speaking with GBC-Obonu News, 90-year-old Madam Awusiyoo Berdai said for the past few days they have been living in fear following the destruction of their cemetery for sand-winning purposes.

According to Madam Berdai, the sand winners have been digging everywhere in the community including the graves of our forefathers, dogs also bring remains of dead bodies home.”

She further lamented that “the vicinity is smelling of dead bodies. We no more have a cemetery in the community and it’s for us.”

We appeal to the government to as a matter of urgency come to our aid.”

She lamented how skeletons of deceased family members and other natives of the community have been dug out and pleaded with the authorities to urgently come to their aid as the situation is uncomfortable.

The Chief of Lardowayo, Nene Adjah Berdai, stated that though they have lodged a complaint with the Dodowa Police, they are nonetheless pleading with other Authorities to intervene to halt the activities at the cemetery.

“This cemetery has been here for ages, we are unable to sleep in our houses. We don’t even know the reason for this act, we don’t know what they really want. We appeal to the president to help us,” Nene Adjah Berdai.

Nene Berdai said they fear an outbreak of a communicable disease as a result of the exposed human parts.

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