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Meet Isaac Addae, Head of Current Affairs at Happy 98.9 FM

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Isaac Addae’s journey in the media industry serves as an inspiration, showcasing his dedication, passion and hard work. Holding the position of Head of Current Affairs at Happy 98.9 FM, Isaac is a distinguished media executive with over 14 years of experience in the media landscape, captivating audiences since 2009.

“I believe success in terms of my radio career is when listeners tune in to our shows and are pleased with the team for our contents on Happy 98.9FM. It also means getting better by the day when it comes to my profession.”

His commitment is evident in every endeavour in his roles as Head of Current Affairs and Project Lead of Happy FM’s Bible quiz. In recognition of his exceptional work ethics, Isaac was honoured as the Employee of the Year in 2021. Throughout his career, Isaac has spearheaded various projects and programmes at Happy FM, including the Happy Morning Show, which provided support to Accra Academy after a fire incident, and a campaign to repair a dysfunctional traffic light off the Kanda Highway.

Additionally, Isaac coordinates the Happy On Wheels, a community-based initiative that facilitates interaction between individuals in communities and radio presenters, allowing them to discuss pressing community issues.

One of his notable projects is the Fact Sheet Series, an outdoor show featuring interviews with past and current MPs, as well as other key stakeholders in various sectors, including education and health.

Isaac’s life showcases selflessness and the ability to be a good team player to attain set goals. “My life journey reflects evolution from a spirited youth to a visionary leader and family man. I  believe that success is a collective effort akin to a song of praise where everyone plays a part, especially those who enjoy the compelling content created by his team.”

In his leisure time, Isaac indulges in watching movies and listening to music, striking a balance between his demanding work schedule and personal interests. Looking ahead, he envisions further transformation, aspiring to become a certified Public Relations or legal expert within the next five years. He encourages the youth to prioritise personal growth over comparison with others.

“My advice to the youth, is to always put their foot forward and be ready to learn and unlearn; not forget the importance of patience, persistence, hard work, dedication, integrity and commitment as the foundation for sustained success. I have great taste for food. My favorite dish is Fufu with any flavourful soup. I also place importance on my appearance, ensuring that I look presentable both on and off camera.”

Isaac’s deep-rooted connection to his Christian faith is evident in his life’s narrative, characterised by dedication, passion and continuous growth. He stands as a masterpiece in the broadcasting industry, embodying the essence of excellence.

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