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Meet Malik Eric: The assistant chef of Chef Faila assisting her in the cookathon kitchen

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Faila Abdul Razak is embarking on a cooking marathon at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale.

Social media folks keeps asking about the assistant chef who is in the kitchen with Failatu Abdul-Razak, assisting her in this cookathon attempt.

So we at Ghpage.com took it upon ourselves to delve into the archives and fish out the little we could get since the assistant in the person of Malik Eric is a very reserved and lowkey man.

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Who is Chef Faila’s kitchen assistant?

Chef Faila’s kitchen assistant in the ongoing Guinness World Record attempt is called Malik Eric.

How old is Chef Malik Eric?

His date of birth wasn’t confirmed to us but our sources believe he is 29 years old now.

Which school did Malik Eric attend?

Malik Eric is a product of Gushegu Senior high school (Gushs) in the Northern Region of Ghana where he studied Agric science.

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Does Chef Malik Eric have a family of his own?

According to our sources, Chef Malik is currently single with no child.

Malik Eric’s career

Malik Eric is a professional chef at Tacoraba Restaurant in Tamale.

Chef Faila Guinness World Record Cook-A-Thon

On the eve of the New Year in 2024, Failatu Abdul-Razak turned on the cooker to break the Guinness world record for the longest cooking marathon as previously set by Alan Fisher.

Chef Faila’s attempt to break the record is a remarkable feat of endurance and skill. She has cooked for close to 100 hours. Chef Faila’s attempt to break the record is an inspiration to all aspiring chefs.

Credit: Abdul Latif Ataaka

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