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MINDSET with Gambrah Sampeney Kwabena Adjei: Double-edged

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The phenomenon that seems to characterise the Artificial Intelligence evolution is very intriguing.

There are also a lot of apprehensions that seems to tag it as well.

Wherever the pendulum swings to shouldn’t be too much of a worry; rather, how we can deal with it.

Recently, a friend queried: “Where are all these audio formats that we do on some of these social media platforms stored? And who is actually watching what is done with them”; and I interjected: “Aren’t they encrypted”? and my friend went like there are still loose ends to these stuff.

Indeed, what my friend said startled me a bit. Then all of a sudden, the awesomeness of artificial intelligence started rushing through my mind.

So I felt like all these audio formats that are being done on almost all the social media platforms can be compromised in a way or the other.

Some unscrupulous people who really understand the power of AI and would want to use these audio formats for other nefarious activities can easily do so.

Due to the simple fact that there are two sides to everything.

For example, during the era of software evolution, some people took advantage by producing virus that could be used to hold people to ransom.

More so, with the advent of payment platforms like PayPal during the burst of the e-commerce, some  unscrupulous people managed to usurp the pin code of some of the various cards that were being used to carry out payment.

So it won’t be out of place to think of possible scenarios that these audio formats on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Tik Tok and X could be used for.

People have over-shared on these social media platforms.

Many of us have got our pictures, voice-overs in the form of audio formats, our homes, our pets and many very personal stuff on these platforms.

For a simple fact, without one doing anything intentional on these platforms, the very thing you normally follow and its similarities get to be thrown at your face without you asking, and these are all forms of  AI.

Now, assuming some people who know how to harness the power of AI decide to deploy their expertise in such regards by cloning some of these audio formats that sound like a voice that is known to you and decide to play a fast one on you, how would you possibly know the difference?

So a clear example is where some people decide to use your audio voice format to lure your loved one and kidnap that loved one and demand a huge ransom for the release of that loved one.

Or your video format is used on a call to deceive others.

What if the pictures of your home are being used as a disguise to dupe others in acquiring homes or for interior decorations?

What if your audio voice is used as a voice-over for some unsavoury campaign and the likes?

Notwithstanding all this possible scenarios, we can still do something about it even if we have over-shared in this regard.

And also, we can deploy some codes that are peculiar to us and our immediate loved ones only, and it can only be activated during suspicions of some activities in this regard.

Lastly, let us endeavour to stop over-sharing all our little detail stuff on these social media platforms.

Whether we like it or not AI is upon us and there is nothing we can do about it or stop it; but we can choose to understand its basic functions so as to arm ourselves in dealing with it.

Remember, big corporate or organisations with all their cyber-security prowess are still not able to totally deal with some of the AI vices.

Think about it!

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