Home Entertainment Moesha Boduong goes braless as she storms a nightclub

Moesha Boduong goes braless as she storms a nightclub

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Seems actress and socialite Moesha Boduong couldn’t continue with her repentance as she has started going back to some of her past behaviour.

Moesha some months ago openly disclosed that she is now a born-again Christian after giving her life to Christ.

She further stated that she has left all her bad and old habits behind since she is now found Christ who is her lord and personal saviour.

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News of her repentence was received with mixed feeling with some people claiming she would backslide after few months maximum a year.

Some where also of the view that she was not going back to her old life.

But Moesha from recent videos surfacing on social media has proven that she is gradually going back to her old lifestyle.

In a recent video, she was spotted at a club heavily smoking and dancing seductively to the music being played.

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A new video we have come across social media shows the socialite again at a nightclub enjoying herself but this time she was braless meaning she went to the club with a bra to hold her boobs.

Watch the video below:

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