Home Sports Parliament must investigate excesses in Bawku conflict – Mahama Ayariga

Parliament must investigate excesses in Bawku conflict – Mahama Ayariga

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Member of for Central, has urged Parliament to intervene in the escalating conflict in Bawku.

The Legislator wants Parliament to investigate the harmful actions that have led to the of some five persons.

Unknown gunmen earlier fired into a group of people at the community center in Bawku on Wednesday, January 17, resulting in the  of two persons, while four others were injured.

Mr  described the incident as dastardly and unacceptable.

Commenting on this matter earlier on the   show on  on Thursday, January 19 with , Mr Ayariga said “It is unfortunate that we continue to experience this situation that has caused so many lives to be lost, so many people to be injured and hospitalized and so much property to be lost in Bawku central constituency.

“…those who were  yesterday, that was dastardly, that was unacceptable and the perpetrators must be searched for by the  enforcement agencies  and dealt with.”

Gunmen attack bus carrying trainee nurses at Binduri

Three persons were allegedly killed by some armed soldiers at Sabongari in connection to the people.

According to the Assemblymen of Sabongari, the drove the victims to an unknown location, tortured and them.

The army is yet to publicly comment on the matter.


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