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Press Release: Observed acts of violence at Asante Kotoko SC -Nations FC Premier League match on 24th March,2024

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The Safety and Security Committee of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has taken note of acts of violence and misconduct at some Premier League centers during Match Day 23.

We are very concerned about the unacceptable and unsportsmanlike events that have taken place at some of our match venues recently and strongly condemn the scenes witnessed at especially the Kumasi Sports Stadium last Sunday.

The Committee is horrified by scenes showing a brazen attack on match officials by certain persons during the Premier League match involving Asante Kotoko and Nations FC in Kumasi on Sunday March 24, 2024.

Referee James Taylor and his two assistants Kwesi Brobbey and Roland Addy as well as fourth official Hasim Yakubu were also apparently subjected to abuse and attacks by fans at the Baba Yara Stadium.

The Safety and Security Committee wishes to remind everyone associated with the game that such acts of misconduct will not be tolerated and that it will work with relevant stakeholders, like the Police, to weed out hooliganism and restore sanity at match venues.

The Committee has taken the matter up, and is liaising with the Kumasi Regional Police Command to bring persons responsible for the aforementioned acts to book.

So far, four suspects have been identified and it is expected that they will cooperate fully with the Police in their investigations.

Persons responsible for these disturbances at match venues cannot be allowed to tarnish the image of the game.

The Football Association remains committed to uprooting the canker of violence at match venues out of Ghana Football.

We hereby wish to remind Clubs, team officials, and supporters about their core responsibilities and duties, before, during and after, all football matches at all times.

The Safety and Security Committee will ensure compliance with relevant regulations and create a safe match-day environment for players, match officials, supporters and everyone associated with the game.


*DCOP Lydia Donkor*

*Chairperson, GFA Safety and Security Committee*

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