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Sulley Muntari ignores female fans who tried to take selfies with him at Atsu’s family residence

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Sulley Muntari has unknowingly garnered social media attention to himself following a video of him that has surfaced online in the last few hours.

In a viral video, the former Blackstar player ignored some female fans who tried to have the Celebrity-fan moment when he visited the late Atsu’s residence.

Former Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari together with some ex-players were at the family house of Christian Atsu to sign the book of condolence.

Muntari was at the family house together with Haminu Dramani to sign the book of condolence opened for the late Christian Atsu.

After Muntari and his former teammates had signed the book of condolence, he was spotted in the corner of the home, dressed in a black funeral cloth with a gloomy look on his face.

From the look on his face, Muntari was visibly devastated by the loss of his friend and former teammate, and his emotions were noticeable as he stood in stillness.

These ladies who were excited to see the footballer began taking videos of him happily amid gestures to draw his attention to them and take a selfie with him.

Muntari, despite the move by these obsessed fans, maintained a sad look and looked away as they took the videos. It was clear that he was not in the mood for any attention.

However, the ladies continued to take the videos, seemingly ignorant of his mood at the moment.


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