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TV3 leads as the most followed Ghanaian media house on Facebook

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TV3 Ghana’s official Facebook account has achieved a significant milestone as it reached 4.04 million followers.

The account, created in May 2011 is currently the most followed Ghanaian media house on Facebook.

TV3 Ghana is a subsidiary of the leading media network, Media General Ghana Ltd.

The social and digital presence of Ghana’s leading free-to-air TV station is managed by MG Digital Media, a company owned by the Media General group – same group that operates TV3 and other brands.

On social media, TV3 Ghana has consistently provided informative, entertaining, and engaging content to its audience on the social network platform.

With the surge in dissemination of fake news and misinformation, TV3’s social media team has demonstrated resilience and determination as they navigate the competitive landscape of breaking accurate news.

Despite these challenges, TV3 Ghana has remained steadfast in delivering accurate and timely information to its audience.

TV3 Ghana leads Facebook in followers amongst Ghana media houses

The social media lead for TV3, George Agyeman-Budu expressed excitement for the tremendous achievement.

The achievement of 4 million followers on Facebook marks a momentous occasion for TV3. We are immensely grateful for the support received and excited about the future as we strive to exceed expectations in delivering compelling content,” he told 3news.

He attributed the new achievement to the fervent community engagement and diverse content produced by TV3 Ghana.

The constant interaction, feedback, and shared enthusiasm have been integral to our growth. This versatility of our content has played a crucial role in expanding our reach and endearment,” he added.


He expressed gratitude to the leadership of the company including Group CEO, Mrs Beatrice Agyemang and General Manager for MG Digital, Richard Sena Quashie “for being a part of this incredible journey.”

The General Manager of MG Digital, Richard Sena Quashie extended gratitude to the team, stating, “4 million followers on Facebook! Again the only media organisation to hit that threshold. I am incredibly proud of the fact that we have reached 4 million followers on Facebook. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our social media team, as well as the support of our loyal followers.

Reaching this milestone is a significant achievement for our company, and it shows that we are leading the way in terms of social media engagement. Our standing in the industry is now even stronger than before,” the General Manager added.

TV3 Ghana remains dedicated to informing, entertaining, and engaging its followers across various digital platforms.

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