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We are virgins, we’ve never dated before – Dope Nation

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Ghanaian Musical duo Dope Nation has revealed that they have never dated before, declaring themselves as Ghana’s only and last virgins.

In an interview on the popular Ghanaian television program, The Delay Show, Dope Nation addressed the questions of their relationship status, expressing interesting perspectives on love and relationships.

We are not dating, the world is complex, and you experience a lot of stuff. Most people in love happen to be in a situation, and it is all in your head,” the duo expressed.

They went on to describe the emotional rollercoaster of love, highlighting the contrast between the happiness of being in love and the potential heartbreak that follows.

The musicians asserted their scepticism about love, considering it a scam. “Love is a scam because it is only real when you believe in it. If you don’t believe in it, it’s like a facade,” Dope Nation stated during the interview.

When asked specifically about dating, the duo made a clear distinction, stating, “No, that is not love, it is a commitment, and being committed to someone is expensive, especially in this part of the world.”

Dope Nation emphasized the high cost of commitment, pointing out the differences in how males and females perceive the world.

Opening up about their stance on love, Dope Nation indicated that they might not have reached the point of falling in love completely. “Maybe we’ve not reached the status when we’d fall in love completely,” they shared.

As the conversation unfolded, the musical pair dropped a surprising revelation: “We are Ghana’s only and last virgins, we’ve never dated before. We’ve not had any sexual encounters.”

With this revelation, Dope Nation challenges conventional norms and expectations in an industry where relationships and romantic affairs often take centre stage.

As the only and last virgins in Ghana, Dope Nation’s unconventional approach to love and relationships will surely stir conversations and spark debates within the entertainment industry and beyond.

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