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‘Why do most men end up not marrying ladies they were dating?” – Music executive quiz

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George Britton, a well known record label boss and music executive has shared a cryptic message post on his Facebook account that has got followers wondering.

According to George Britton, he has for some time realized that most of his friends are getting married but surprisingly, not the women they’re known to be dating.

He wrote; “Chale for sometime now, most of the men I know keep surprising me on their wedding days. They end up not marrying their girlfriends we all know they were dating…. What’s going on??

This has made fans and followers wonder if his cryptic post has anything to do with the current trending marriage in town between comedian and actor, Kalybos and his new wedded wife.

It has been a wide spread rumor that Kalybos was dating co-star, Ahuofe Patri and comedienne Jacinta.

However, when the time came for him to take one to the alter, Kalybos shunned all of them settle down with Antwiwaa, who came into his life in less than a year.

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