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Yaw Graham Supporting ‘Galamseyers’ Against Songor Development – Ada Youth

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Ada Songor Lagoon

Some Residents of Ada have expressed great disappointment in members of the so-called Ada Songor Lagoon Association (ASLA) for their persistent attacks on Electrochem Ghana Limited, Dr Daniel McKorley, the Chiefs and Traditional leaders of Ada and by extension, the President of the Republic of Ghana, HE Nana Akufo-Addo.

The residents who said they got wind of a Press Conference held by the ASLA Group to attack the President for giving attention to the Chief and traditional leaders from Ada when they paid courtesy call on him, said the said press conference was ill-motivated.

The Residents who spoke to this portal, believe that members of the ASLA group who carried out the said Press Conference are nobody but “Galamseyers” on the Songor Lagoon who are being sponsored by Dr Yaw Graham of Third World Network.

They indicated that prior to the coming of Electrochem Ghana, Dr Yaw Graham was kicking against the “Galamseyers” at Songor Lagoon and was vehement in ensuring that the people stop the “Achiakpo” salt mining, but his (Graham) sudden turn against Electrochem Ghana which is developing the So9ngor Lagoon, is suspicious.

They wonder why Yaw Graham would not be supporting the same Galamseyers he once fought.

In an interview with the Ada District NADMO Director, he expressed enthusiasm in his support for Electrochem Ghana, tabling most of the projects the company and the Group Chairman McDan have brought to the people.

According to him, since the coming of Electrochem Ghana, the perennial flooding in Ada has been reduced with their machinery, technical support and dredging of drains.

“Electrochem Ghana is helping us to desilt our lagoons in the area. We used to have serious flooding in the area, as I speak their machine is on site helping us to dredge. When there were sea waves, tidal waves, they helped move the water back to the sea. The company has also helped with water, providing water to communities to address the perennial water shortages in those areas,” he said.

Her expressed the hope that his people will support the investor to develop Songor.

Songor lagoon, he said, has been in a bad state and it is good news that government is working with an investor to develop Songor and the time has come for all citizens of Ada to support government in that regard rather than attacking the President.

He also blamed the political ramifications and political gesturing around the Songor lagoon which he believes is causing the resistance in the area.

Meanwhile, he mentioned that Songor Lagoon is no more what they used to know some years back. “Now, Songor has become a State asset; it has been declared a mineral and for that matter Government has to This has hold it in trust for the people.”

He told his people that Songor is no more a property of the Clans as ASLA is making people to believe but a State property which must be managed by the State and for that matter, government.

The District NADMO Director minced no words in talking about the Community pans, and how the company is receiving massive support from the communities closer to the Songor lagoon.

“We all want Ada to develop. Everything is moving forward in Ada so let us stop destroying our leadership, let us stop destroying our chiefs so that Ada will develop,” he said.

On his part, Amos Kelvin a member of Ada Youth Group, said ASLA is only throwing dust into the eyes of the public by claiming that McDan Group has never given loans to women in Ada.

According to him, McDan has disbursed over 300,000.00 Ghana Cedis to the women in Sada among which is his own biological mother.

He said this support is boosting businesses in the area.

“We need peace in Ada, we need development in Ada,” he said and challenged Dr Yaw Graham, saying that it was the same Yaw Graham who introduced “Operation Stop Achiakpo” In Songor.

“I wonder why he is now backing ASLA Group against Electrochem, he was the same person who introduced operation stop Achiakpo, why is he now attacking Songor lagoon development?” he asked.

He also called on Dr Yaw Graham to stop fomenting trouble in Ada by pushing ASLA to organize false press conferences because he (Graham) is not from Ada.

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