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Accra properties for rent; key tips for managing landlords

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It is 2024, and as a landlord, if your maintenance strategy on your rental properties in Accra involves knocking on your tenant’s door, then your tenant relations are problematic.

Owning rental properties in Accra is tough, but offers a shot at financial freedom. The city’s booming business scene attracts visitors, driving high demand for rental properties.

While there is a definite demand for rental properties in Accra, simply owning real estate does not ensure financial freedom.

Happy property renters in Accra
Happy property renters in Accra | 3AI Image

To fully prosper as a landlord in 2024, you must abandon the antiquated “knocking on doors” strategy and adopt modern property management procedures. Here’s why:

Beyond Rent Collection in Accra: Building Positive Tenant Relationships 

Forget the days of treating tenants as mere sources of income. Today’s renters expect a professional and responsive experience, mind you the world of digitalization is fast influencing the decisions of many and that includes tenants.

Proactive communication, timely maintenance, and respect for their privacy are essential for establishing trust and developing long-term relationships. You don’t want to be sticking your nose into their businesses, especially if they have visitors or whatnot.

Consider providing online rent payments, a dedicated contact for repairs, and clear feedback routes.

Mind you, satisfied tenants are more likely to renew leases, pay rent on time, and refer others, hence increasing your profit line.

Digital Proper Technology is Your Ally: Streamline Your Operations

Whatever that edge may be, avoid ‘knocking on doors’, the days of manually controlling everything are over.

Use a digital payment solution to collect rent in Accra
Use a digital payment solution to collect rent in Accra

Use technology to improve your processes and free up time. As part of your property maintenance strategy, you should learn how to use property management software to track rent payments, manage repair requests, communicate with tenants, and even screen future renters.

This not only saves you time, but it also increases efficiency, minimizes errors, and delivers essential data-driven insights for informed decision-making and professionalism.

Think Beyond the Basics: Offer Value-Added Services In Additional to Rentals

Stand out from the crowd by providing additional services based on your tenants’ requirements and preferences. Pay attention to the niche of your property and make available or easily their basic needs.

Thus, consider giving active assistance via a phone call or a chat, an in-house menu on how to use the transportation system, or just locating nearby restaurants or pharmacies.

On-site laundry facilities, high-speed internet connection, and cleaning services are all necessary.  These benefits can attract and retain great tenants, thus justifying somewhat higher rents and strengthening your position in a competitive market.

Embrace Professionalism: Partner with a Property Management Company

If managing properties yourself feels overwhelming, consider the many options of partnering with reputable property management companies in Ghana. They can handle everything from tenant screening and rent collection to maintenance and legal compliance, allowing you to focus on other endeavours while ensuring your investment thrives.

Tips on how to manage Accra rental properties
Tips on how to manage Accra rental properties

Remember that you’re in the business of offering a home away from home rather than merely collecting rent. By implementing these maintenance strategies, you can modify your property management approach, strengthen relationships with your tenants, and ultimately achieve your financial goals in the dynamic Accra market.

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