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Ajagurajah in trouble as man with his bathroom video threatens to leak online

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Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, popularly known as Ajagurajah, is currently at the centre of a controversial explicit tape that has landed in the wrong hands of his detractors.

A young man who claims to be in possession of a private video of the man of God has threatened to release it online to “expose him” on how he engages in jaw-dropping sexual acts with women who come to him for help.

According to the braggart, he obtained the video of Ajagurajah’s unclad state from one of his phone love-making sessions with one of his mistresses.

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His intention is to make the whole world know that the spiritual man of God is not as powerful as he claims, not until he comes clean about his evil deeds in the closet.

The man who appeared to blackmail Ajagurajah said the only way to stop him from making the video public is for the leader of the Ajagurajah Movement to refund the sum of 2.5 billion he allegedly swindled a German-based woman.

It comes on the back of a shocking audiotape of a woman making staggering allegations against popular Bishop Ajagurajah, last month.

In the fast-trending tape, the voice of the unidentified woman is heard in an interview with a man recounting her first visit to Bishop Ajagurajah’s church premises for a solution to her problems.

According to her, upon reaching the Ajagurajah Movement Centre, one of the servants of Bishop Ajagurajah confronted her and said the man of God has expressed his interest in her and would like to meet her in chambers.

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She went on to allege that when she met Ajagurajah after church service, he reiterated his servant’s message and professed to her that she has been appointed in the spiritual realm to be his wife.

Among other things, she claimed that Ajagurajah was not a true man of God but a rapist and a scammer who wanted to deceive her and have his way with her.

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