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AKA Murder: Big South African businessman fingered

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A powerful South African family have been linked to the gruesome murder of rapper AKA born Kiernan Jarryd Forbes.

According to a statement by the police investigator, one of the suspects who is being arrested in connection to the murder received money from the family.

It said that the suspect received an alert of 800,000 South African rand equivalent to $42,000.

The statement revealed that the money was sent from a company owned by Sydney Mfundo Gcaba.

The investigator went on to say that the money came into the account of the suspect a day after the rapper was gunned down.

The statement from the investigator revealed that the suspect identified as Mziwethemba Harvey Gwabeni, called Mr. Gcaba before the money hit his account.

The money after hitting the account of Mr Gwabeni was shared equally amongst seven other people for their various roles.

The suspect in defending himself mentioned that the amount was for consultation services rendered to Mr. Gcaba.

The police however failed to establish the suspect having any business with Mr. Gcaba.

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