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Any political party can use my ‘It Will Change’ song for campaign – Obaapa Christy

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Ghanaian gospel musician, Christiana Twene, popularly known as Obaapa Christy, has said that she does not have a problem with any political party in Ghana using her newly released song titled “Ebesesa” for a campaign.

According to her, the song encourages people to be steadfast in their faith in times of predicament because there will be a turnaround in their situation some time to come.

She clarified that the song does not call for change in government for a new political party to take over from the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) as perceived by some members of the public but it is encouraging individuals to remain resolute in the lord no matter the circumstances.

Speaking in an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM monitored by GhanaWeb, Obaapa Christy stated that she is open to her “Ebesesa” song being used by a political party as a campaign only if God approves it.

“I want the will of God to be done with my song. It is not my idea that the current government should be changed for a different political party to come. If a political party wants to use my song [Ebesesa] for a campaign and God approves of it, I don’t have a problem with that,” she said.

Obaapa Christy’s song titled “Ebesesa” which is translated as “It Will Change” comes at a time when political parties are preparing for the upcoming general elections.

It remains to be seen if any political party will use her song for a campaign as she has said she is open to such an idea.

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