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Ashanti men do not like highly educated women – Sally Mann

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Media personality Sally Mann recently discussed a characteristic she believes is prevalent among Ashanti men.

According to Sally Mann, Ashanti men tend to prefer women who are more traditional and submissive, rather than those who are highly educated or independent.

She suggested that this preference could be a factor contributing to the lower marriage rates among highly educated and successful women.

These remarks have sparked some discussions, especially considering ongoing protests by Voltarians who feel undervalued in society.



Meanwhile, there have been incidents involving media personalities Cookie Tea and Celestine Donkor making jokes about Ewe names, which has led to apologies due to backlash from the Ewe community.

TV3 Ghana presenter Cookie Tee faced criticism following a recent interview with gospel singer Celestine Donkor, where they discussed their dissatisfaction with their Ewe-sounding surnames.

In the conversation, they mentioned praying since childhood to find partners with “good” names to change their own.

Their remarks sparked a backlash from the Ewe community, accusing both personalities of disrespecting Ewe culture.

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In response to the uproar, Celestine Donkor issued an apology, and on the Thursday morning edition of New Day, Cookie Tee also apologized for any offense caused.

On Thursday morning during the New Day Show, Cookie Tee clarified that her earlier comment about surnames was intended as an icebreaker and not meant to disparage the Ewe tribe.

She expressed regret, stating, “It was supposed to be an icebreaker to a conversation, it wasn’t supposed to be the way it was taken at all.” She then sincerely apologized to the audience, acknowledging that it was a joke that didn’t land well.

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“I’m rendering my apology to the ewe community and Ghanaians. It was a joke and not meant to denigrate the ewe community,” she offered her apologies.

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