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Born one ladies are wicked – Netizen replies Joselyn Dumas

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According to the celebrated actress that is the reason why most of the single ladies are born ones.

But in a rebuttal by a netizen, the comment from Joselyn Dumas might be true but some born one ladies are wicked.

He shared a story of how his friend took in a born one lady only for him to come and see her in bed with her baby daddy.

Read the full story below:

“I have a story to tell…….Thread

A friend of mine fall inlove with a born one. When he met the lady, she was staying with her sister because the baby daddy is not taking care of them.

My guy decided to rent a new place for the born 1 so that she and her baby will get some privacy since her sister is a married woman.

My guy was having 2 cars (Corolla and Elantra) so more times the girl Dey use the Elantra then my guy go use the Corolla.

Before my guy met the girl then he start his own building project for Kokrobite.

A year later my guy decided to sell the Elantra to complete his building. Opana was inlove so he went to see the girl’s family for a wedding list.

My guy was madly in love bro.

Planning to get married to the girl so that they both move in to his own apartment at Kokrobite.

Long story short…….my guy had some funeral at Kumasi so be and his boys left Accra on Friday and they were suppose to return either Sunday evening or Monday morning

We don’t know what happened and my guy returned Saturday instead of Sunday or Monday morning.

When she returned he went back straight to girls crip and guess what?

She was having sex with her baby daddy…..same room my guy rented it for the girl and her baby.

My guy had to drive away from the scene before he will do something stupid, he didn’t return with his boys so he called them on the phone and tell them what just happened.

His boys was shocked to the extend that the boys to return from Kumasi to Accra that night.

The boys to drive straight to the girls crip to see if they will meet the daddy because they wanted to beat his ass but Opana was no where to be found.

My guy really invested so much into this girl and las las her baby daddy was chewing the girl like snacks.


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