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Conference to improve services of libraries underway in Accra

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By Emmanuel Oti Acheampong 

The Global Quality Assurance Association has opened its first International Convention on Quality Assurance and Transformation of Libraries in Accra.

The 4-day conference is poised to bring together librarians from across the continent and beyond to discuss and brainstorm on the state of libraries in the current dispensation and project how libraries can be shaped to deliver quality services in the 4th Industrial Revolution era.

In an interview, the Director of the Global Quality Assurance Association, Dr. Violet Makuku, mentioned that, before the conference came into being, several engagements had been done with various librarians in Africa, and these engagements revealed varied challenges with a few peculiar ones that needed to be addressed, hence the conference.

She added that the interest of her outfit is to empower librarians across the continent so that they can prove their relevance so that their works and expertise are prioritised and appreciated by the heads of the institutions they serve.

“We are looking at quality and quality assurance. In terms of the library and library space, we are looking at their relevance. With the submission we have received, it clearly shows that the current changes, which are a result of either leadership or the nature of the library personnel, has made the libraries inactive or gone into extinction,” she said.

Dr. Makuku further stressed that the advent of new technologies and the upsurge of Artificial Intelligence should not be a hindrance to the library landscape and service but rather should be seen as a compliment to the work.

She also called on Vice Chancellors and Principals of tertiary institutions across Africa to invest in their libraries because they hold the heart of academia.

The convention is attended by some Librarians from across Africa, with more expected to grace the conference to help achieve the quality service mandates of libraries across the continent and beyond.

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