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Cost of food is making people suffer in Ghana – Black Sherif

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Reigning Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Artiste of the Year Black Sherif aka Blacko has expressed concern about the cost of food and other factors which is making Ghanaians suffer.

In a recent interview, the young Ghanaian artist acknowledged the country’s difficulties.

He claims that rising prices for food, gas, and inflation are causing people to suffer.

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“There’s so much hardship going on in Ghana, economically, and politically. People are suffering from inflation. They can’t afford petrol or food,” he said.

“But then when the sun sets, everyone comes out in a crowd like, ‘yeah, man, we’re outsiddee!’ So, it’s like there are so many complaints, but from night to dawn we are in the moment.”

“I kind of talk for a frustrated figure in the city, a frustrated boy. I’m not from the city, but I live in the city. I came to chase life and dream there. From love to entertainment to survival. Driving out there, I’m testing my limits,”

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