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Davido and Chioma reportedly expecting another child

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Eagle-eyed social media users have made an interesting speculation about Nigerian singer Davido’s wife, Chioma, following a video of the couple that recently went viral on social media.

A video of the lovebirds showing off their new tattoos bearing each other’s names on their ring fingers recently made the rounds online and received massive applause from social media users as well as love reactions.

However, aside from the tattoos, some social media users noticed Chioma was busy on a menstrual cycle tracking app while the tattoo artist worked on her finger.

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After spotting the app on Chioma’s device, many wondered if the pair are expecting another child and have started sending in congratulatory messages.

It’s convincing that Chioma has taken seed and expecting a new child. We are all witnesses to how the couple recently lost their only child just a few months ago in a very tragic and de[dressing manner.

Hopefully, God will bless the couple with another adorable and lovely child.

Take a look at the pictures below to know more…

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